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Is Gender a Consideration in the Hiring and Rotation of Secondary School Principals?Author(s): Cecilia Reynolds; Robert White; Carol Brayman; Shawn Moore (2008)
Government statistics from the early 2000s in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia illustrate that the percentage of women secondary school principals has risen over the past thirty years. This study investigated whether gender is a factor in the hiring and rotation practices of school boards within these four provinces.

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Participation at Canadian Universities: A Growing Gender GapAuthor(s): Louis N. Christofides; Michael Hoy; Ling Yang (2010)
The participation rate of young women at universities has steadily been increasing, with women now more likely to enroll in university than men. For example, in 2005, a 15 percentage point gap existed between the participation rate of women at university compared to men. This research study investigated the factors influencing young people’s decision to attend university and whether these factors are different for men and women.

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