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Adolescent Attitudes Towards SchizophreniaAuthor(s): Guy Faulkner; H. Irving; A. Paglia-Boak; E. Adalf
This study investigated adolescent knowledge of schizophrenia and their attitudes towards persons with the disorder. This study aimed to understand the how knowledge about schizophrenia is associated with social distancing behavior (or behaving in a way to not wanting to associate with people with schizophrenia).

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Making Math Children Will LoveAuthor(s): Lynda Colgan (2014)
This summary was created by the What Works: Research into Practice program at the Ontario Ministry of Education

Evidence suggests that learning is energized by affect. We, as educators, must turn our attention to resources and strategies that improve students’ relationships with mathematics content and processes and pique students’ motivation, emotion, interest and attention.

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What do teen immigrants say about drug addition?Author(s): Hayley Hamilton; Robert Mann; Samuel Noh
This summary was created by the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet; formerly OMHAKEN). This and other summaries on mental health and addictions can also be found at:

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