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Adolescent Stress and Coping StrategiesAuthor(s): Montgomery, C.
Academic performance has become one of the most prevalent stressors in western society for adolescents, and certain coping strategies can predict high school dropout (Hess & Copeland, 2001). However, studies on adolescent stress and coping present divergent causes of adolescent stress related to the environment. Moreover, results differ in terms of the way adolescents regulate their stress and coping. This literature review examines the scientific literature on the theme of adolescent stress and coping between 1997 and present and will answer the following questions in order to better understand high school dropout:
Question 1: What are the main causes of adolescents’ environmental stress?
Question 2: How do adolescents regulate their stress and coping?

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Student Teacher Stress and Physical ActivityAuthor(s): Montgomery, C., MacFarlane, L., Trumpower, D., Lloyd, R. (2012)
Student teachers (pre-service teachers who are completing teaching practicums within schools) can be under significant stress as they attempt to prove their skills and adapt to their supervisor’s style, all while undergoing constant evaluation. Some studies have suggested that these stressors may leave student teachers feeling burnt out before their career even begins. Recent studies have identified physical activity as a way to cope with stress, although research examining the relationship between student teacher stress and exercise has remain limited.

The purpose of this study was to identify the main sources of student teacher stress and investigate the relationship between levels of stress and participation in physical activity. Stress, for the purpose of this study, is defined as tension that arises when the demands of one’s surroundings exceeds one’s personal coping strategies.

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Teachers Identify Their Coping Strategies for the Perceived Stresses of Inclusive ClassroomsAuthor(s): Brackenreed, D. (2011)
Adjusting to the demands of inclusive classrooms can be a stressful experience for Ontario teachers (Leithwood, 2006). This study investigated the coping strategies used by teachers in Ontario to manage this stress.

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