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Meaningful Making: Establishing a Makerspace in Your School or ClassroomAuthor(s): Hughes, J. (2017)
Makerspaces are creative spaces where people gather to tinker, create, invent, and learn. What do educators need to understand about maker pedagogies, and how can maker pedagogies support student learning across subject areas?

This research summary is part of "What Works? Research into Practice", produced by a partnership between the Ontario Association of Deans of Education and the Student Achievement Division.

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Science 3D: Discovery, Design & Development through MakerspacesAuthor(s): Hughes, J., Morrison, L., Thompson, S. (2017)
Community makerspaces have become a widespread phenomenon; however, these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) models, rooted in design thinking and innovation, are beginning to move into the realm of formal education. This research investigated the impact of using "makerspace" pedagogies in the teaching and learning process to bridge the gap between our technology-infused world and Ontario's curriculum. Researchers discovered that...

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Making Math Children Will LoveAuthor(s): Colgan, L. (2014)
This summary was created by the What Works: Research into Practice program at the Ontario Ministry of Education

Evidence suggests that learning is energized by affect. We, as educators, must turn our attention to resources and strategies that improve students’ relationships with mathematics content and processes and pique students’ motivation, emotion, interest and attention.

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