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Effective Practices for Math Teaching in Elementary SchoolsAuthor(s): Slavin R. E. & Lake C. (2007)
This research snapshot was developed by the E-BEST team of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and outlines a 2007 systematic review of on different math programs available to elementary teachers by Slavin, R. E. , & Lake, C.

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Problem-Based Learning in Mathematics: A Tool for Developing Students' Conceptual KnowledgeAuthor(s): MacMath, S., Wallace, J., Chi, X. (2009)
This summary was created by the What Works: Research into Practice program at the Ontario Ministry of Education

This summary outlines research in the area of problem-based learning in math:

"Mathematics teachers must teach students not only to solve problems but also
to learn about mathematics through problem solving. While “many students may
develop procedural fluency … they often lack the deep conceptual understanding
necessary to solve new problems or make connections between mathematical
ideas.” This presents a challenge for teachers: problem-based learning (PBL)
provides opportunities for teachers to meet this challenge."

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Teaching Elementary MathAuthor(s): Small, M. (2013)
This summary was created by the Research for Teachers project at The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO):

"Teaching through problem solving is about setting appropriate tasks, creating supportive environments and helping students to succeed without leading. Although some would argue that all mathematical tasks should be of this sort, others see it as one approach within a more varied menu. No matter the frequency of problem solving use, it is essential that students have opportunities to learn by thinking and doing and not by simply copying."

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