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Factors That Impact Students’ Physical Activity LevelsAuthor(s): John Cairney; Matthew Kwan; Scott Velduizen (2012)
This study investigated students' experiences and perceptions of their school-based Physical Education (PE) classes in order to determine if those perceptions changed overtime during middle school. In particular, the researchers were interested in the relationship between students’ perceived athletic abilities, their enjoyment of their school-based PE classes, and gender.

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Factors that Influence the Physical Activity Levels of Youth in Urban and Rural SettingsAuthor(s): Constantinos Loucaides; Ronald Plotnikoff; Kim Bercovitz
This study investigated the difference in physical activity (PA) levels of urban and rural youth in Canada. Specifically, the researchers explored the psychological, demographic, behavioural, and social factors affecting the level of PA for Canadian youth in urban and rural settings.

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Is it Better to Have Generalist or Specialist Teachers Teach Physical Education in Elementary Schools?Author(s): Guy Faulkner; John Dwyer; Hyacinth Irving; Kenneth Allison, Edward Adlaf, Jack Goodman (2008)
This research investigated whether Physical Education (PE) specialist teachers delivered more PE lessons and provide increased opportunities for moderate and vigorous physical activity than generalist teachers. The researchers also examined whether specialist or generalist PE teachers had any impact on perceptions of Physical activity within the broader school, and whether either teacher had an impact on the engagement of students in extracurricular physical activities, such as intramural sports, offered within a school.

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Physical Activity and Student AchievementAuthor(s): A. Fedewa; A. Soyeon
This research snapshot was developed by the E-BEST team of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and outlines a 2011 systematic review of the link between physical activity and student achievement by Fedewa & Soyeon.

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School Injury Among Ottawa-Area StudentsAuthor(s): Jonathan Josse; Morag Mackay; Martin Osmond; Alison Macpherson (2009)
This study investigated the factors that influence the likelihood that a student will become injured at school, and identified trends surrounding the nature of injuries and the locations where injuries are likely to occur.

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What Factors Impact Student Enrollment in Physical Education Classes?Author(s): Erin. P. Hobin; Scott Leatherdale; Steve Manske; R. J. Burkhalter; S.J. Woodruff (2010)
While it is generally believed that regular physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, the amount of time teenagers spend being physically active can vary greatly. This study compared the enrollment rates of students in physical education (PE) courses in secondary schools across Ontario and the factors that impact this enrollment.

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