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The Impact of Project Ploughshares Puppets for Peace Anti-Bullying ProgramAuthor(s): Beran, T., & Shapiro, B. (2005)
This study investigated the effectiveness of one anti-bullying program, Project Ploughshares Puppets for Peace (Woodfine, Lubimiv, & Langlois, 1995), performed at over 100 elementary schools and community groups across Ontario. The program uses 3-foot tall, hand-androd puppets to enact a bully scenario intended to educate students about different types of bullying behaviors and strategies for conflict resolution.

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Poetry: A Powerful Medium for Literacy and Technology DevelopmentAuthor(s): Hughes, J. (2007)
This summary was created by the What Works: Research into Practice program at the Ontario Ministry of Education
and can be accessed, along with other What Works summaries, on their website at:

This summary provides an overview of research in the area of poetry and technology:

"Traditional notions of literacy were once related more or less exclusively to competence
in reading and writing. We have expanded these notions to include usage and
comprehension skills in speaking, listening, viewing, and representing – by which we
mean communicating through a variety of media, including visual art, drama, and
multimedia performances. In this context, our definition of literacy extends to
fluency in reading and creating electronic media. In a time when the focus is on
improving literacy, what role might poetry, a genre that is often marginalized in the
English language arts classroom, play in literacy development? How can poetry be
taught in ways that engage students, so that we can tap into its literacy-enhancing

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Performance based accountability in Canadian educationAuthor(s): Jaafar, S. B., Earl, L. (2009)
This summary was created by the CSSE's Canadian Journal of Education and is available on their website, along with other Knowledge Mobilization Snapshots, at or via their homepage at

This research snapshot summarizes a study on performance-based accountability in Canadian education:

"In Canada, each jurisdiction continues to invest substantial resources to develop and implement individual performance-based accountability systems. Each Ministry of Education claims its model improves student achievement and school practices. They make this claim based on their observations and experience with testing as opposed to concrete evidence that compares the influence of different models on actual practice."

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