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Lessons Learned and Wisdom Earned: A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Mentoring Experiences of Ontario’s Vice-PrincipalsAuthor(s): Burwell, T. W. (2018)
"Succession planning, leadership development, effective instructional methods, and successful mentorship practices are vital to the growth of today’s school boards." This study examined mentoring needs of beginning Vice-Principals who participated in a mentoring program offered in one of the Ontario school boards. From this, the author discovered three themes...

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Deux années de mentorat en milieu scolaire et adapté à la culture favorisent une bonne santé mental chez les jeunes provenant des PNMIAuthor(s): Claire Crooks, Deinera Exner-Cortens, Sarah Burm, Alicia Lapointe et Debbie Chiodo (2016)
Cette étude visait à examiner les répercussions qu’aurait, sur le bien-être des jeunes provenant des PNMI, leur participation à un programme de mentorat en milieu scolaire et adapté à la culture. Les chercheurs ont découvert que...

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Two Years of School-Based, Culturally Relevant Mentoring Promotes Positive Mental Health for FNMI YouthAuthor(s): Crooks, C., Exner-Cortens, D., Burm, S., Lapointe, A. and Chiodo, D. (2016)
This study examined the effects of participation in a school-based, culturally relevant mentoring program on wellbeing among FNMI youth. Researchers found that...

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Cultural Connectedness and Identity Foster Resilience in FNMI YouthAuthor(s): Crooks, C., Burleigh, D. and Sisco, A. (2015)
This study explored the specific ways in which culturally relevant programming promotes resiliency in FNMI youth. Researchers found that...

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Culturally Relevant School-Based Programming for FNMI Youth: Improved Relationships, Confidence, Leadership and School SuccessAuthor(s): Crooks, C., Burleigh, D., Snowshoe, A., Lapp, A., Hughes, R. and Sisco, A. (2015)
This study evaluated the Fourth R Uniting Our Nations, a school-based, culturally relevant program for FNMI youth. Results highlighted multiple positive impacts of the program. Participants reported that...

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Exploring Secondary Principals' Perspectives of the Secondary Vice-Principal RoleAuthor(s): Lim, L. (2016)
This study examined the perspectives of secondary principals of the secondary vice-principal role. According to the secondary principals interviewed, the vice-principal role has become increasingly complex with increased workload as the role is predominantly operational (by reacting to student discipline, attendance, and conflict resolution) at the expense of demonstrating instructional leadership.

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Online learning environments: The experiences of prospective teachersAuthor(s): Duncan, H.E., & Barnett, J. (2010)
Since 2005 many schools in the K-12 system have increased their offering of online courses (Watson, Gemin, & Ryan, 2008). This study examined the experiences of 19 pre-service teachers from one Ontario Faculty of Education who were enrolled in a course designed to teach effective online teaching skills. Topics covered by the course included designing and delivering online course content and the ethics of online teaching. The course itself was delivered using a blended approach with both online and face-to-face class sessions and ran from September to December in the fall of 2007.

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