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Efficacité des services de santé mentale en milieu scolaire pour les élèves du primaireAuthor(s): Sanchez, A. L., Cornacchio, D., Poznanski, B., Golik, A. M., Chou, T., & Comer, J. S. (2018)
Une proportion importante de jeunes développent un trouble de santé mentale avant l’adolescence, mais la plupart d’entre eux ne reçoivent pas de soins. Les enfants qui font partie de minorités raciales et ethniques sont particulièrement vulnérables, car ils reçoivent moins de services, et ceux-ci sont de moins bonne qualité. Les interventions en santé mentale en milieu scolaire, dans le cadre desquelles le personnel scolaire assume le rôle de fournisseur de première ligne, représentent une option qui pourrait permettre de réduire ces écarts.

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Physical Activity Interventions for Depression in Children and AdolescentsAuthor(s):
Depression is the most common mental health disorder, with high rates of onset during youth. A meta-analysis was conducted in 2017 to assess the overall impact of physical activity interventions on depression in children and adolescents. Understanding the potential of physical activity in reducing depressive symptoms provides implications for policy in school settings.

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Interventions universelles en milieu scolaire sur la « résilience » et la consommation d’alcool et de droguesAuthor(s): Hodder, R. K., Freund, M., Wolfenden, L., Bowman, J., Nepal, S., Dray J., et al., (2017)
Une méta-analyse a été effectuée en 2017 pour évaluer l’efficacité d’interventions en milieu scolaire sur la « résilience » en ce qui concernait le tabagisme et la consommation d’alcool et de drogues illégales chez les adolescents. Les interventions qui abordent tant des facteurs personnels de protection de la résilience (p. ex., estime de soi, empathie, conscience de soi), et des facteurs environnementaux de protection de la résilience (p. ex., famille aimante, relations à l’école et dans la communauté) ont été examinés.

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Effective Elements of Suicide Prevention programs in SchoolsAuthor(s): Balaguru, V, Sharma, J, Waheed, W. (2012)
This research snapshot was developed by the E-BEST team of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and outlines a 2012 systematic review of effective elements of suicide prevention programs by Balaguru, Sharma and Waheed.

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Promoting Curriculum Access in Children and Youth with Reading DisabiliitesAuthor(s): Martinussen, R.
This summary was created by the Research for Teachers project at The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO):

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Program In Brief: Empower Reading ProgramAuthor(s): E-BEST HWDSB
The Empower™ Reading program is designed to teach word identification skills and decoding strategies and to promote the effective use of these strategies. Applying these strategies effectively, the student can develop the basic skills needed for independent reading for meaning, information, or pleasure. The program focuses on 5 strategies: Sounding Out strategy, Rhyming strategy, Peeling Off strategy, Vowel Alert strategy, and SPY strategy, embedded in a metacognitive frame work.

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Preventing Alcohol Use Problems Among Aboriginal YouthAuthor(s): Rawana J.S and Ames M.E. (2011)
This summary was produced by EENet. For more information on EENet and access to other summaries, please visit

Youth who experiment with alcohol may be at risk of future alcohol use problems. Studies and trends show that Aboriginal youth may be at an even greater risk of developing such alcohol and drug use problems. For all teens, certain risk factors may worsen their vulnerability to developing alcohol disorders. Likewise, certain protective factors ward off alcohol dependence amongst teens. This study examines the protective factors of alcohol use among off-reserve Canadian Aboriginal youth.

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Effective Reading Programs for Struggling Students in the Elementary GradesAuthor(s): Slavin, R. E., Lake, C., Davis, S., & Madden, N. A. (2011)
This research snapshot was developed by the E-BEST team of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and outlines research on effective elementary reading programs. This and other snapshots can be accessed directly from the E-Best website at:

"A recent systematic review examined studies of remedial reading programs and compared them to one another....Researchers found that the most effective strategy for remedial readers was an initial focus on improving classroom instruction methods, followed by one‐on‐one tutoring with an emphasis on phonics for students who continued to struggle."

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Programs in Brief: Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS)Author(s): The PALS program was developed by the Kennedy Centre for Human Development at Vanderbilt University.
This research snapshot was developed by the E-BEST team of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and outlines research on the Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) program. This and other snapshots can be accessed directly from the E-Best website at:

"PALS is a systematic class‐wide reading program for students in
kindergarten to grade 6. PALS builds reading fluency and
comprehension skills through a set of activities that students are
engaged in for 35 – 45 minute sessions, 3 – 4 times a week. The
classroom teacher provides the initial lesson followed by a
prescribed lesson with materials provided . This is followed by
students working in pairs to practice and reinforce the skills

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