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Implementing Health Promotion Programs in SchoolsAuthor(s): Pearson, M., Chilton, R., Wyatt, K., Abraham, C., Ford, T., Woods, H., and Anderson, R. (2015)
This summary was developed by the Knowledge Network for Student Well-Being (KNSWB). The KNSWB is a project of the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER).

Schools have long been seen as a primary source of health promotion programs for children. Current health promotion practices in schools include such topics as: alcohol consumption, drug use, smoking, obesity, physical activity, sex and relationship education, and well‐being. Recent reviews suggest that...

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The Impact of Ontario’s “Healthy Schools” Program on Students’ Oral HealthAuthor(s): Vanessa Muirhead; Herenia Lawrence
While many school-based oral health initiatives have targeted specific behaviors such as tooth brushing, this study examined the impact of the broader Ontario’s “Healthy Schools” initiative on the oral health of students. Launched in 2006, this program focuses on broader issues of health promotion including healthy eating, substance use, physical activity, and personal safety amongst others.

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