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Creating a Student-Driven Museum WorkshopAuthor(s): Lemelin, N. & Bencze, L. (2004)
This article explores a collaborative research project between two university researchers and personnel from the Education Department at a science and technology museum in Ontario. The personnel were, for the most part, unfamiliar with constructivist learning theories that position students as active learners. The study focused on assessing the effectiveness of the workshop in engaging students in open-ended inquiry and invention projects and developing scientific literacy.

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Cultivating Student Engagement Through Interactive Art StrategiesAuthor(s): Cho, C.; Vitale, J. (2014)
This summary was created by the What Works: Research into Practice program at the Ontario Ministry of Education

While we know that engaged students are more invested in their learning, the arts remain an underutilized strategy for student engagement. The reality is that many teachers lack confidence teaching both visual arts and music. We feel strongly that the generalist teacher can develop a repertoire of strategies – such as those discussed here – to increase their confidence and provide authentic and sincere arts-based experiences for learners.

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