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How Well Aligned Are Large-Scale Assessments and Report Card Grades?Author(s): John Ross; Peter Gray (2008)
The use of standardized external assessments as an indicator of student achievement has long been a controversial issue in most educational circles. This study compared students’ Education and Quality Assessment Office (EQAO) scores and their report card grades to determine whether students receive comparable ratings on the two assessments. Specifically, this study investigated the following research question: How well aligned are large-scale assessments and report-card grades?

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Pre-service Teachers Knowledge About Ontario’s Large-scale AssessmentsAuthor(s): Ruth Childs; Alexandra Lawson (2003)
This study investigated pre-service teachers’ knowledge about Ontario’s large-scale assessments developed by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO).

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Storytelling and Story WritingAuthor(s): Terry Campbell; Michelle Husek
This summary was created by the What Works: Research into Practice program at the Ontario Ministry of Education and can be accessed, along with other What Works summaries, on their website at:

This snapshot summarizes research in the area of storytelling and story writing:

"By analyzing the written and spoken words of students in a Grade 4/5
class over a period of two months, we were able to explore the connections
between oral rehearsal – including storytelling – and story writing. We found
that the use of storytelling and peer talk stimulated significantly more writing
and higher-quality writing."

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Understanding how large-scale assessment is linked to school improvement planningAuthor(s): Louis Volante; Lorenzo Cherubini
Western educational jurisdictions are increasingly using large-scale assessment data for school improvement planning. Ontario is no different. This research examined how teachers and school
administrators link EQAO data to school improvement planning.

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