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Impacts of early childhood education (ECE) on educational outcomesAuthor(s): McCoy, D. C., Yoshikawa, H., Ziol-Guest, K. M., Duncan, G. J., Schindler, H. S., Magnuson, K., et al. (2017)
Early childhood represents a critical period of cognitive and socio-emotional skill development. In an effort to promote children’s learning and educational potential, early childhood education (ECE) programs have been increasingly implemented in Western countries over recent decades. But can ECE lead to the improvement of children’s educational outcomes in middle childhood and adolescence? This research summary from the Knowledge Network for Student Well-Being (KNSWB) examines the impacts of ECE on educational outcomes.

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What ECE Teachers Think About Integrating Computer Technology in Early Childhood EducationAuthor(s): Wood, E., Specht, J., Willoughby, T. & Mueller, J. (2008)
This research study examined the perceptions of early childhood educators regarding integrating computer technology into pre-school classrooms. Specifically, this research focused on educators’ perceived advantages and disadvantages of such computer use and the barriers and supports that exist for pre-school educators in teaching computer technology curricula.

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