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Culturally Relevant School-Based Programming for FNMI Youth: Improved Relationships, Confidence, Leadership and School SuccessAuthor(s): Claire Crooks, Dawn Burleigh, Angela Snowshoe, Andrea Lapp, Ray Hughes, and Ashley Sisco (2015)
This study evaluated the Fourth R Uniting Our Nations, a school-based, culturally relevant program for FNMI youth. Results highlighted multiple positive impacts of the program. Participants reported that...

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Performing Poetry: Using Drama to Increase the Comprehension on PoetryAuthor(s): Kristen Ferguson
This summary was created by the What Works: Research into Practice program at the Ontario Ministry of Education

Poetry can be both challenging and intimidating to teach and learn. But how can teachers teach poetry comprehension without falling into the trap of mechanically dissecting poems for form and “real” meaning? Drama is one strategy, grounded in research, that fosters student comprehension of poetry and allows students to apply comprehension strategies.

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Training Partners in Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationAuthor(s): Stephanie Shire and Nancy Jones (2015)
Augmentative and assistive communication provides individuals with tools and aids to participate in a variety of interactions and activities. This study found that...

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