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A Mindfulness-Informed Social-Emotional Learning Program in Kindergarten ClassroomsAuthor(s): Nicole Off, Claire Crooks, Karen Bax (2018)
This study explored changes in kindergarten children's behaviours following a mindfulness-informed social emotional learning program, MindUP™ children showed improvements in resiliency and behaviours such as anxiety and depression following MindUP™, but no changes in aggression and hyperactivity.

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How does social anxiety affect young children?Author(s): Weeks, M., Coplan R.J. and Kingsbury, A. (2009)
This summary was created by the Evidence Exchange Network (EENet; formerly OMHAKEN). This and other summaries on mental health and addictions can also be found at:

"A young child with anxiety symptoms may be at risk of experiencing anxiety in their adolescence and adulthood....This study examines the effects of subclinical social anxiety on early elementary school

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Anxiety Prevention Programs in SchoolsAuthor(s): Neil, A., Christensen, H. (2011)
This research summary was developed by the E-BEST team of Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and outlines Alison L. Neil and Helen Christensen's 2009 systematic review of school-based and early intervention programs for anxiety.

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