Research Summary Instructions

Thank you for considering making your research more accessible to Ontario educators!

The OERE accepts summaries of peer reviewed research related to education, conducted all or in part in Ontario (e.g. summaries of peer reviewed journal articles or Masters and PhD theses that have been reviewed by a committee).  The OERE now has over 200 summaries on its website, many of which have been downloaded hundreds of times! Additionally, once added to the OERE database, the OERE and larger KNAER-RECRAE network will tweet about your research to its over 3000 followers.

So let’s get started!

To ensure all OERE summaries have a similar format and are of a similar quality, we have developed a Summary Writing Checklist and OERE Writing Templatewhich will help you identify the key elements that need to be included in your summary. It’s important that your summary follows the format and guidelines in the checklist and template.  Once you are finished writing your summary using the checklist and template, please proofread it for grammar and spelling and submit it to the OERE as a Word document.  


Once your summary is ready, you can submit it through our online submission form or email your summary directly to

**IMPORTANT**  If you submit your summary through our online submission form, let us know.   Email: so we can take a look at your summary and move forward with publishing it on our website.