About RBE

Research Brokering in Education is a project of the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER)  facilitated by the Knowledge Network team at the University of Toronto / Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

RBE relies on the voluntary participation of partners who contribute practical strategies, helpful resources and technical advice to support the exchange of advanced knowledge on education across stakeholders and regions.


Who can participate?

 Learn strategies for packaging and mobilizing your findings for various stakeholders across the province.

Practitioners:  Find practical tips to help you incorporate research evidence into your daily practice.

Policy Makers:  Learn how to promote knowledge sharing in your district.

Educational Organizations:  Share your knowledge mobilization tactics with a wide range of audiences across the Ontario education sector, and learn from what others are doing across sectors.

Knowledge Brokers / Intermediaries:  Share tips and best practices gained through your practical experience and connect with other knowledge brokers through the expert forum.


How to get involved


Contribute to the Project: RBE collects and disseminates models, resources, examples and success stories of knowledge brokering strategies, practices, and technology. If you have an effective model, resource, example or success story to share, please email it to:

Make suggestions and provide feedback:  For questions, comments, or suggestions on how we can improve please contact our us at:
Your feedback is always welcome!

Ask the experts: Have a specific knowledge mobilization challenge and want some expert advice? Send your questions to and our panel of experts will provide you with suggestions.

Want to do more? Join our panel of experts who provide advice to researchers, practitioners and policy makers in need of support.  Send us an email expressing your interest: