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Click on the puzzle piece Search our database for research which will take you to a search page that allows you to find research summaries on topics that interest you. You may also search for summaries at any time by typing key words into the search bar at the top of OERE web pages.


A little bit about us

The Ontario Education Research Exchange (OERE) aims to support Ontario educators in their quest to develop evidence-based practices. We work with education researchers across Ontario as well as Ontario based education organizations, such as teachers’ federations, school boards, and the Ministry of Education, to bring you relevant and practical Ontario developed research summaries. To learn more, click on the About Us icon at the top of this page.


We understand how busy you are

Based at OISE, the OERE team includes teachers and administrators who understand how hectic an educator’s schedule can be.  For this reason, most of our summaries are between 2-4 pages in length and, whenever possible, point to the practical ways that educators can use this research to improve their practice.