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Cross-language activation of phonology in young bilingual readersAuthor(s): Debra Jared; Pierre Cormier; Betty Ann Levy; Leslie Wade-Woolley
This study investigated the extent to which FI students whose first language is English identify and process words in both English and French during reading. Specifically the researchers explored whether students simultaneously learning two languages that share the same alphabet mentally store and retrieve words through a language specific system—French only or English only, or whether students posses a larger lexicon where their knowledge of both French and English words is invoked during the reading process.

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The Effects of Short Bilingual Exchange ProgramsAuthor(s): Callie Mady
This research examined the impact of participating in a short term bilingual exchange (for a period of less than two weeks), 6 to10 years after the exchange. Specifically, the researcher examined the following three questions: 1) What are the long-term linguistic outcomes for exchange participants as identified years following their exchange experience?; 2) What are the long-term non-linguistic outcomes (participation in other program opportunities, career choice) for exchange participants as identified years following their exchange experience?, and 3) How do former exchange participants link the above outcomes to the exchange experience?

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